Audi Conversations: Communication is Key

The Audi A6 helps Su-Lyn Tan sort out her motherly and corporate responsibilities, keeping her in touch with her family and up to speed with her daily tasks


Sep 19, 2019

By Andre Frois

Most days start around 6am for Su-Lyn Tan, when her one-and-a-half-year-old wakes up. She sorts a variety of chores, packs her two older children off to school and spends some time with her toddler over breakfast.

This communications strategist’s workday begins with checking her schedule, along with messages sent to her via email, messaging apps and social media platforms.

“I often have virtual catchups with my business partner, Celine Tan, and our Strategic Content director, Sharon Lim, first thing in the morning. This helps us hit the ground running when we’re in the office. I might also message other colleagues if we have pressing deadlines so that we can align our schedules and prioritise our immediate actionables,” shares the CEO of The Ate Group.

Su-Lyn needs to be in constant contact not only with her work associates but also with her husband and kids, as well as her parents, who help with caring for her brood. The Audi A6’s smart interface makes communication while on the road quick and painless. If Su-Lyn wants to call someone, she simply voices a command and the Audi A6’s onboard computer connects that call for her. Before she knows how to get to her next destination, she can hop in the Audi A6 first and ask it to direct her there.

“The ability to plan routes on the app prior to getting into the car, right down to indicating how long it’ll take me to walk to the car, is really helpful,” she reveals.  “I’m grateful to be able to rely on technology and the people around me for support. I’ve also learned to fully utilise my 24 hours in a day and greatly benefitted from mom life hacks from friends and fellow mothers.”

Time is priceless to Su-Lyn, a leader in both her family and her company, and so is connectivity. The Audi A6 syncs with her mobile devices seamlessly and grants her hands-free control of several communication functions.

“Connectivity is the lynchpin that holds my family and work lives together. I can’t always be where I need to be. Connectivity enables me to be in more than one place at a time,” she elaborates.

“Modern communication technology lets me send audio recordings of my son’s Chinese spelling to him over WhatsApp while I’m in the office. Or I can jump onto a conference call with a client while I’m picking up a child from an after-school lesson. I rely on constant connectivity to keep in touch with most of my networks and keep up to date with most things. I also do most of my grocery shopping online.”

Su-Lyn is enthusiastic about lifelong learning and self-improvement.

“Our strategic brand communications agency constantly asks, ‘how can we do this better?’ Right now, we’re also working to create an organisational structure that helps us create stronger connections and deliver a more personal touch. Similarly, I appreciate Audi’s attention to the small details, which make the driving and travelling experience more efficient and pleasurable,” she discloses. “I believe that when a brand is able to demonstrate its continued relevance in a customer’s life, it earns itself customer loyalty.”

Swathed in premium Milano leather, the Audi A6’s seats come with memory functions and 4-way lumbar support that facilitate a comfy drive. Four-zone deluxe automatic air-conditioning, bolstered by the energy-efficient heat-insulating glass and an electric sunshade in the rear seats, keeps Su-Lyn  and her passengers cool. Suspension with damper control ensures a smooth ride, while ISOFIX child seat anchors and seatbelt monitoring prove useful when Su-Lyn’s kids are aboard. When she wants to park, she is assisted by multiple sensors and 360-degree cameras.

Su-Lyn spends lunchtime bonding with her team, hosting journalists and key opinion leaders, or meeting with clients. Meanwhile, Su-Lyn’s mother spends weekday afternoons taking care of the children.

“I set the alarm on my phone to go off at 5.30pm from Mondays to Fridays to remind myself to get home in time for the children’s dinnertime. It generally means that I leave the office at around 6pm if my schedule permits. I spend time with the kids catching up on their day before they go to sleep. If I can’t get home, we might jump on a video call.”

Su-Lyn’s day winds down around 8 o’clock. Around that time, she’s either having a quiet dinner with her husband or entertaining another work engagement. When she gets home, she replies to her emails and assesses what else needs to be done at home. After her hectic day, Su-Lyn sometimes de-stresses by making a late-night supermarket run.

“For a person like me who constantly loses track of whether I’ve locked the car, I love the idea of being able to do it remotely on the app. I’m constantly leaving my phone in the car too, so the audio reminder which tells me that I’ve left it behind as I exit the vehicle is great!”

Su-Lyn’s day usually ends around 2am, depending on what other tasks need her attention and what time her toddler wakes up for a bottle of milk.