Audi Conversations: Gastronomic Journeys

The Audi A6 ferries Aun Koh and his loved ones to new culinary experiences safely, smoothly and efficiently


Oct 3, 2019

By Andre Frois

People often stare at Aun Koh wondering where they know him from—he’s appeared on television shows and in online videos countless times. Better known by his food blog moniker “Chubby Hubby”, he is a revered voice of authority in Singapore’s culinary scene.

He divulges that he’s usually juggling several projects at once. “I’ve just finished filming a new television series called Secret Delicious, which started as my idea of focusing on the inside track of food and beverage scenes in six Asian cities,” he reveals. After this pitch was picked up, Aun found himself eating and drinking his way through Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Manila, Mumbai and Singapore.

After tasting off-menu items at private kitchens, secret bars, lesser-known local hangouts and restaurants with cult followings, Aun shares that his favourite part of his Secret Delicious adventures was connecting or reconnecting with inspiring chefs, restaurateurs, mixologists and bar owners.

Aun recounts starting in media and spending a decade in the magazine industry.“I’ve been fortunate enough to have gained experience in a wide variety of platforms, including television and digital. My wife and I also started a communications and content strategy agency, so I have a wealth of experience in helping companies craft their narratives and reach audiences,” he remarks.

He also shares that he loves writing his column for a news portal called Creative Capital. “Each article profiles a creative entrepreneur in Singapore,” he describes.“A good portion of my career has revolved around championing deserving talent and this column is another way of celebrating and bringing awareness to passionate, enterprising people who are doing cool things.”

When scurrying from one beloved project to another, Aun the multitasker enjoys the smart onboard system of the Audi A6.“The MMI Touch Response interface is very cool. It gives the user access to all controls in a very intuitive and visually pleasing format.”

The MMI Touch Response interface operates on haptic feedback created by an electromagnet that moves the spring-mounted display very precisely. It’s complemented by a 22cm by 8cm head-up display and intuitive voice controls — if Aun says “I’m feeling hot”, “call Su-Lyn” or “where’s a good place to eat around here?”, the onboard computer understands and complies or replies with the information he needs.

“I also love the user profile settings,” he adds. “That means that my preference for seat position is recorded and can be selected with the press of the button. When you share a car with others, you often find yourself constantly re-adjusting your seat. The A6 automates this and makes getting comfortable and perfectly positioned very easy.”

Covered in Milano leather, the front seats of the Audi A6 also have 4-way lumbar support.

“When seeing to our family’s needs, the car makes everything easier. When you have three kids, who all have their own schedules, getting them where they need to be on time becomes a logistical nightmare.”

The Audi A6’s powerful V6 340 hp engine gets the Koh family to where they need to be swiftly and efficiently. Aun is very vocal about his disdain for cars with large carbon footprints. Fortunately, the Audi A6’s Mild-Hybrid 48-volt drivetrain saves energy and its lightweight sheet metal exterior too adds to the A6’s efficiency, which is moulded aerodynamically to minimise air resistance.

Chubby Hubby shares that several more food programmes are on the horizon for him. This time, however, Aun intends to shift the focus away from himself and shine the spotlight on more important matters. “I’m in the process of getting a few more shows off the ground with another production company,” he discloses.

“For these, I’m working towards producing and not being the on-screen talent. I’ll be working on creative concept development and pulling together the right contacts, rather than in the show being a talking head. Also, with several of these shows, I’m hoping to tackle some pretty serious issues, like our current climate crisis and immigration. Food is a fun entry point for starting these important conversations.”

In all of Aun’s endeavours, food is a central figure. “Did you know that I met (my wife) Su-Lyn at a food tasting? We bonded over a shared love of cooking, dining and exploring the cuisines of different lands. From a collection of about a dozen cookbooks, over our first decade of marriage, that collection ballooned to over 1,500 books,” he recounts. 18 years of marriage and three kids later, Aun still makes time to cook for his children and for family and friends.

After collecting knives for years, Aun enrolled himself in a professional bladesmith school in Australia. He now has a knife workshop in Jurong and discloses that he loves the labour-intensive process of crafting a beautiful and functional chef’s knife by hand.

The only independent chef’s knife bladesmith in Singapore, Aun also sits on the boards of Straits Clan, a private members club, and Pangdemonium, a popular local theatre production company that became a charity in 2014 with Aun as its Chairman.

When making his way from one appointment to another, he divulges that he particularly enjoys the interior of Audis when riding in one. “Audi designers know how to make you feel pampered when sitting in their automobiles. The Audi A6 feels luxe and is amazingly quiet. That is a luxury in itself. When you ride in other cars, you might forget what it’s like to be in a car that’s so peaceful,” he shares.

The Audi A6’s plush seats nestle driver and passengers in luxurious comfort. When parking, multiple cameras and sensors help Aun negotiate even the tightest parking spots effortlessly.

When Aun wants to reward himself with a nice meal, where does this food advocate go? “I have far too many favourites. Right now, I’d say Salted and Hung, Kimme, Thevar, Meta, Meatsmith, Din Tai Fung, Soup Restaurant, Tung Lok Xi He Peking Duck, YAN, Les Amis, Candlenut, Casa Tartufo, Casa Nostra and Ishi… And that’s just off the top of my head. My all-time favourite comfort food is a simple steamed egg custard with minced pork and salted egg yolk. It’s something my mother used to make for my brother and me when we were young.” Aun and his wife now make this same dish for their children, who love it.

Besides cooking for them, Aun divulges that he loves spending time with his kids. While driving in the A6, safety features like ISOFIX child seat anchors are a very convenient feature as he is able to use his child seats very easily- it simply attaches on without any hassle so that he and his family will get from point A to point B on time and without a hitch.