The Audi A8 – the car of tomorrow, today


Jan 12, 2018

The Audi A8 is the pinnacle of modern automobile design. It rightfully takes its place among the smartest, most luxurious vehicles on the road today. The finest in German engineering and technology, the A8 paves the way for even further advancement in other Audi vehicles to come after it.

After much anticipation, Audi’s flagship luxury sedan finally made its long-awaited Singapore debut at the Singapore Motorshow 2018 — and this is why you should care.

1. Design:

Whether you’re out for a night on the town, or speeding down the highway, the Audi A8 looks perfect for every occasion. Its muscular frame radiates a sense of power, highlighting its classic quattro heritage. Customisable ambient lighting gives the interior an additional level of luxury.

2. New operating concept:

Two scratch-resistant touch displays dominate the centre console, offering full acoustic and haptic feedback with every press. The A8 also possesses voice recognition functionality, meaning you won’t have to type in destinations or commands letter by letter — simply tell it where you want to go.

3. Driving experience:

The A8’s dynamic all-wheel steering offers tighter turning at lower speeds, and improved stability at higher speeds. An eight-speed tiptronic transmission ensures that shifting gears is smooth, quick and gentle. Improved vibration mitigation, adaptive air suspension and reduced aeroacoustics result in an incredibly smooth driving experience.

4. Assistance systems:

A full suite of driver assistance systems round out the A8’s impressive array of features, ranging from adaptive cruise assist to a speed limiter, efficiency assist, collision avoidance assist and turn assist. New to this iteration of the A8 is the intersection assist, which provides visual, acoustic and haptic warnings when crossing traffic is detected at intersections and exits—an extra precautionary measure against errant cyclists or e-scooter riders.

5. Safety:

Chief among the A8’s driver assistance systems is the front pre-sense system, which can trigger an automatic brake if the front camera detects any errant drivers abruptly cutting into your lane. When getting out of the car, the vehicle warns against possible collisions with vehicles or cyclists coming from the rear. Its multi-material frame is tough while still staying lightweight.

6. Lighting technology:

The A8 offers a high-beam headlight range of up to 600m, thanks to Audi’s Laserlight technology, available on request, which uses four laser diodes to effectively double the range of a regular high-beam. Its Matrix LED headlights are capable of adjusting their brightness levels dynamically to match ambient brightness. You’ll always drive in ideal visibility, even in the torrential downpours of the monsoon season.

7. Comfort:

The Audi A8 puts your comfort first. Passengers in the backseat have access to foot massagers built into the backs of the front seats. Close your eyes and be transported anywhere in the world from a woodland glade, to a seaside vacation, with the help of an ioniser with two customisable fragrances.

8. Efficiency:

The A8’s mild-hybrid system includes a 48V lithium-ion battery pack mounted in the trunk, letting the engine shut off whenever possible to save fuel. Between speeds of 55 to 160km/h, the A8 is capable of coasting completely without any fuel for up to 40 seconds. Just press the accelerator again to restart the engine immediately.

9. Convenience:

The A8 wants to give you the little conveniences you never knew you needed. Its air vent apertures are electronically opened and closed. Loose wheel bolts are automatically detected and pointed out to the user. Optional active noise cancellation makes for a whisper-silent drive, perfect for enjoying the 3D sound from the custom Bang & Olufsen-designed sound system.

The Audi A8 will be available in Singapore later this year. But if you can’t wait that long to get your hands on one, you can read up more about it right here.