10 style inspirations for your home


Dec 5, 2016

If you are planning to give your home a makeover — be it a small or big change — or just starting on that exciting journey of building a home, then these style inspirations will come in very handy.

Take your cue from these 10 home decorating ideas that aren’t difficult to achieve and find out how you can create this desired space at a lower price.


With decluttering and simple living being today’s zeitgeist, it is no wonder that the Nordic style is becoming more popular. Its pared-back design aesthetic focuses on functionality, clean lines, minimal styling as well as the use of natural materials.

In particular, Nordic style is characterised by white walls and light wooden flooring. Wood adds warmth and you can also incorporate this by way of furniture and wall panels. This neutral combination is the perfect canvas for striking pieces and colours to stand out. A royal blue sofa and matching accents will liven up interiors.



With the popularity of the TV series Mad Men, mid-century modern has seen a revival. A look that originated in the mid-1940s to 1970s, mid-century modern has its emphasis on smooth shapes, clean lines and organic curves.

Achieve a mid-century modern dining room with a sculptural piece such as the Gera and Iris dining set, which has a light and shiny tabletop, polished dark wood and clean lines. A backdrop of neutral beige palette, a lot of natural light and greenery will make the dining set more conspicuous.




For the minimalist home, which emphasises greatly on simplicity, less is more.

Let the sleekness of each piece of furniture take the limelight with a monochromatic muted colour scheme, such as white and grey or beige and brown. Remember: the less furniture and clutter, the better.

Store everything out of sight with seamless cabinets. Spared and streamlined, these cabinets cut clutter and are stylish with its crisp lines and clean surfaces.



To achieve contemporary chic, focus on colour, space and form.

Contemporary style is dominated by neutral tones of grey, black and white, but you can still subtly introduce vibrant colours to the mix. For instance, dining room chairs in a bright yellow colour will brighten up the monochromatic scheme.

The bedrock of the style is an open floor plan and uniting interior spaces into one great room. Expansive spaces call for the use of organic materials such as wood, teak, cotton, wool, and other gorgeous textiles to make it more intimate. For instance, a lovely fabric sofa in deep tones can add a textured touch.

However, avoid sofas with skirting details as these will ruin the clean aesthetic of the contemporary home.



Contemporary and modern, the Urban-styled home is all about simple, refined lines and angles as well as a neutral colour palette.

For furniture, opt for soft fabrics for your sofa and in muted tones to evoke contemporary city living. A customised sofa from Courts allows you to achieve just that and in the configuration of your liking in order to fit into your space, just the way you want it.

With more than 100 colours available, refresh your sofa’s look every now and then with the changeable slip covers. You could also layer on textured accents such as a shag pile rug, a knitted or an upholstered pouf to make the room more appealing.



Smart functional furniture is the credo of the city living where spaces are tight. The sofa bed in particular is the most functional piece in most homes. If you have to build your living space around a single piece, opt for a high-design with clean, straight lines and in a striking colour, like red.

Keep the rest of the space spare and stylish, with the sofa as the centre of attraction. Create a cosy milieu with dimension by adding textured rugs and throws, heavy draperies and pillows of all sizes.



Eclectic style means putting together a multitude of styles, colours, textures and trends. Home accents, such as throw pillows in colourful prints and fabrics, objects d’art, rugs and paintings are easy ways to mix things up.

While there are no rules to it, eclectic style should exude an intentionally collected, curated feel. The trick to make it work is to set busy patterns against plain solid backdrops to avoid competition. Plain brick walls with a dark upholstered leather or fabric sofa is one way to showcase your colourful and eccentric collection of items. The end result is a one-of-a-kind, personalised space.



Do you love drama, glamour and putting an opulent twist on classics? If yes, Hollywood glam is perfect for your vivacious personality.

The style, which has been around since the 1930s, demands for daring designs such as those from the likes of designer and TV personality Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen. His design aesthetic is to meld together disparate elements — think mirrored marble tabletops, matte steel and elaborate jacquard weave.

The Londoner has specially designed an exclusive collection for Courts. One of his creations is the perfect conversation piece for a glammed-up living room — a tufted sofa upholstered in velvet and rich jewel tones such as purple and midnight.

Plush velvet lends a seductive touch and is set to be big next year. Another way to add velvet is to have an upholstered bedhead. A staple in luxury hotel bedrooms and celebrity homes — this will instantly update your bedroom.

Complement the opulence with picks from Courts’ The Hotel Collection, which comprises a range of high-quality mattresses that five-star hotels such as Marina Bay Sands and the W Hotel use.



New traditional, or traditional with a twist as some might call it, is great for those who love modern elements but still appreciate classics. This style is all about mixing the old and the new in fresh, original ways.

These include adding modern lighting to play up dark furniture and furnishings or putting old and new art pieces together.

For instance, mix a chesterfield sofa and an antique-looking table to add that extra touch of texture and history to the living room. Matching armchairs will also effortlessly hold the room together but could be juxtaposed with a light, yet solid-coloured carpet for a modern touch.

Gold or brass accents add warmth to the room whilst keeping to the classic vibe. Liberal use of throw pillows in all types of similarly hued prints — floral brocade, geometric lines or shapes — pulls the space together while making it look snug.



Classic country is perfect for those who want a warm, timeless home that is underlined by elegance. This is a marriage of old-world sensibility with sophistication.

To achieve this look, contrast main furniture pieces and stay away from coordinated sets. Create drama by teaming a dainty floral-print sofa with a luxe leather wingback chair. You can up the ante with dark wood panels and rich curtain draperies — hang these high if possible to create the illusion of height.

Finally, complete its vintage-chic vibe by embellishing with unique antique-looking decor items — much like flea market or thrift store finds.

With the myriad of interior design options, it’s always best to seek assistance from a professional, just so your vision of a dream space is not lost.

Not many are aware of this but Courts’ very own Design Studio offers interior design services, which is a one-stop solution for renovation and furnishing requirements. Courts Design Studio is a partnership with CaseTrust-accredited interior design firm Ciseern.

Aside from exceptional designs and workmanship at affordable prices, the other benefit of Courts Design Studio is its term payment options under the Courts Flexi Plans, which allows you to pay for your home comfortably and at your own pace.

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