Increase your cash flow with COURTS Flexi Plans

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Want to know how the rich get richer? They never pay anything in full because they want greater cash flow to do more. That is exactly what COURTS Flexi Plans is designed to do for you. It is an instalment payment plan that allows you to split your entire purchase bill into bite-sized amounts on a monthly basis, allowing you greater cash flow freedom.

There are many reasons why you should hop on board this exclusive payment facility:

It does not use up your credit card limit

Your credit card limit is $9,000 and your purchase at COURTS amounts to $5,000. You are intending to put it on an instalment plan. Ouch. That only leaves you $4,000.

There is a plan for everyone at every life stage

For NSmen, working adults, to new homeowners, and also for S&E Pass holders. For those who are reward-driven, the cashbacks are irresistible.

No minimum income required

We are here to help anyone who needs to stretch their payments for the important things in life, and the home.

Reading about COURTS Flexi Plans for the first time? You’re in for a treat!

The recently launched Flexi First is an excellent choice for short term payment flexibility, with a low term charge of only 6.99%. Especially useful for people who are looking at a big purchase items like an air-conditioner, or the latest SUHD TV, without affecting your credit card limit.

New homeowners rejoice!

Flexi Home is suitable for new homeowners / owners, allowing you to put your renovation and furnishing expenses all in a single bill! You can also stretch these payments for up to 6 years. We say why not? After all, the minimum occupation period for any property is 5 years and the home is a sanctuary definitely worth investing in.

With COURTS Flexi Plans, cashback rewards and insurance coverage are just some of the perks that you can enjoy. With more cash flow, the world is definitely your oyster.

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