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Sleepless in S’pore? Rest easy with Courts

Lydia Lam
Jun 19, 2015

Many Singaporeans do not sleep well, according to the findings of a recent survey involving some 1,000 people.

The study, commissioned by Courts Singapore and conducted last month by global research firm 2CV, found that eight in 10 people here get less than the recommended eight hours of sleep per night.

Other findings indicate that 59 per cent of people here lose sleep over stress, and that one in three people sleeps better with a bolster.

Napping is popular too, as 52 per cent of the people surveyed take catnaps while travelling on public transport.

About half of those surveyed admitted to thinking they can catch up on sleep on weekends, while just over half of the survey group attributed good sleep to a comfortable room temperature.

However, one in four Singaporeans is kept awake by physical discomfort.

To help Singaporeans sleep better, Courts launched the YourBedding retail concept on May 23.

The concept offers several ways to help customers get a better night’s sleep, such as the newly launched online mattress selector tool Sleep EZ.

Another tool is the CustomiseYourBed service, which is available at four Courts stores: Courts Megastore in Tampines, Courts Bukit Timah, Courts Ang Mo Kio and Courts Toa Payoh.

With this service, you can customise your bed in six steps, which includes the selection of spring type, mattress cover and headboard.

Prices start from $817 for a full bed set, including a customised single mattress with headboard and bed base, and a delivery time of three days.



This article was first published on Jun 19, 2015 in My Paper.