5 inspiring make-up looks for that Christmas party

5 inspiring make-up looks for that Christmas party

Nov 17, 2016 

All out of party make-up ideas?

Here are five looks — ranging from girl-next-door to drama-queen — that just might inspire your next big night out.

Glowing skin and sweet lips


Perfect for those who usually go barefaced, this is a versatile party look that also wouldn’t look out of place in the office or at a weekend brunch.

Start by applying a sheer foundation on freshly-scrubbed skin for that smooth, dewy look and then add a pop of colour with lipstick in a sweet hue.

Get the look: MAC Nutcracker Sweet Mini Lipstick Kit, Clinique Candy Lipstick Set

Brows (and lashes) that slay


From Cara Delevingne’s thick brows to Kim Kardashian’s ultra-sculpted arches, there’s no denying that eyebrows still reign on social media.

Paired with a set of luscious lashes, killer brows will frame your eyes perfectly and make your face pop in those party photos you’ll undoubtedly be taking.

Fill in sparse brows with a long-lasting (but natural-looking) gel pencil, then brush on eyelash primer and mascara for double the oomph.

Get the look: Estee Lauder Sumptuous Knockout Mascara Set

Eyes so lit, they’re on fire

With today’s amazing eyeliner formulas, knockout pigments and deluxe eye kits, just about anyone can create intense eye looks like a pro.

Go subtle on the lid and let your eyeliner flick do the talking. Create sultry depth with smoky-neutral hues, or experiment with colour combinations you’ve never tried before. The possibilities are endless.

Get the look: Estee Lauder Party Eyes

 Colours that pop


Those with darker complexions might find that some makeup pigments do not show up well on your skin, which can be a real pain if you’re going for a bold party look. 

Go for brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown, which formulate their products to work well with a diversity of skin tones. Good formulation means fantastic colour payoff without you having to cake the product on.

Get the look: MAC Nutcracker Sweet collection, Bobbi Brown Chocolate Eye Palette

All-out drama

Contouring isn’t exactly an everyday look. But hey, Christmas only comes once a year, right?

Arm yourself with a full-on make-up kit and get well acquainted with bronzers and highlighters. There are even sculpting blush, lipstick and eyeshadow kits created just for your cheeks, lips and eyes.  

Done right, the sculpted face is a high impact look that will make you the talk of the town.

Get the look: Estee Lauder Have It All Beauty Essentials, Estee Lauder Over The Top Blockbuster

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