Artist's impression of Guoco Midtown. PHOTO: GUOCOLAND

Artist's impression of Guoco Midtown. PHOTO: GUOCOLAND

A LONG-TIME home to popular haunts like Bugis Junction and the National Library, the Beach Road area has as of late begun a long-awaited transformation into a premier work-live-play destination. In recent years, a slew of skyscrapers have sprung up, bringing fresh waves of vibrancy and modernity to the district.

With yet more shops, homes and offices to be set up in the next decade, the market is expecting the district to be propelled into the leagues of the midtowns of the world, including that of the iconic metropolis, Manhattan.

On the brink of renewal and change

Together, Beach Road, Rochor Road and Ophir Road are collectively known as the Ophir-Rochor Corridor. For decades, the district has had a special place in Singaporeans’ hearts for its colourful heritage and popular landmarks, be it the Kampong Glam shophouses, Suntec City shopping mall or Bras Basah Complex.

But this part of the Central Business District (CBD) began to buzz with the promise of catalytic change starting a few years ago. The completion of South Beach and Duo have brought with them marquee office tenants from Facebook to Mastercard to the area along with a critical mass of expatriates, while hotels like JW Marriott and Andaz Singapore have introduced a constant stream of business travellers and jazzed up the retail and nightlife scene.

All these have happened alongside a progressive renewal of the area’s most famous landmarks. Across the street, Suntec City in 2015 completed a three-year makeover of its retail mall and convention centre. This year, another storied landmark, the 132-year-old Raffles Hotel, finished off an extensive two-year restoration and re-opened its doors to reveal new restaurants and a refreshed lobby, among other improvements.

The transformation of Ophir-Rochor Corridor is far from over and will stretch well into the next decade. Earlier this year, plans were announced to redevelop the 42-year-old Shaw Tower into a new 35-storey Grade A office and retail building. Grade A office buildings are large, landmark offices with flexible layout and large floor plates. Moreover, according to the Government’s Draft Master Plan 2019, the area is expected to reach a new stage of maturity as more homes are built, enlarging the residential catchment significantly.

Another game-changer will come in the form of the much-anticipated Kampong Bugis white site. The prime waterfront district spanning 9.2ha will comprise 4,000 private homes and 50,000 sq m of retail, offices and other community facilities. It will be released for sale under the reserve list. The Government intends for it to be developed progressively by a master developer over the next nine to 11 years.

The critical link

Completing in 2022 will be Guoco Midtown, a 950,600 sq ft behemoth of luxury homes, Grade A offices, shops, large public spaces and the former, to-be-conserved Beach Road Police Station. It is expected to be the final critical jigsaw piece linking up the Ophir-Rochor Corridor’s rejuvenation.

Located at the intersection of major roads including Nicoll Highway and the future North-South Expressway in the city centre, and served by four MRT lines (East-West, Downtown, North-South and Circle), Guoco Midtown is positioned to become the hub and nexus of activity for the entire district.

The development, with a major office component of 650,000 sq ft, will also connect the three office micro-markets of City Hall, Marina Centre and Bugis with its underground, ground level and elevated pedestrian network, and a direct underground link to the Bugis MRT interchange station.

The group behind this development is Singapore-listed GuocoLand, an award-winning developer with operations in Singapore, China, Malaysia and Vietnam, and in future, the United Kingdom.

Already a seasoned builder of quality condominiums in Singapore for decades, GuocoLand turned heads when its first integrated development Guoco Tower redefined Tanjong Pagar district as a prime office location and leisure destination. Today, Guoco Tower is the office building of choice for diverse tenants in the fields of technology, media and telecommunications (TMT), finance and more. The tower’s placemaking activities such as fitness classes have also enlivened the community.

A proven trailblazer

GuocoLand will reshape the Beach Road area by launching new concepts for office leasing and live-work-play developments that are at the cutting edge of the property industry.

Capitalising on its ideal location in the Ophir-Rochor Corridor, Guoco Midtown’s large sheltered public spaces, Midtown Square and Market Place, will play host to bustling weekend markets, festivals, cultural events and al fresco dining.

In all, there will be 170,000 sq ft of landscape and public spaces, and more than 34,000 sq ft of vertical greenery, with 10 plazas and gardens. All these are set to make Guoco Midtown a perfect stopover to other parts of the CBD and the district’s social hub in its own right.

Office tenants and residents of the Midtown Bay luxury apartments alike will be connected by their privilege of direct access to Midtown Hub, an exclusive urban social club at the heart of the development. It will boast 80,000 sq ft of hotel-style facilities, from a 40m-long swimming pool, jogging circuit to a skygarden, which aim to bring people in the community together. Residents will enjoy the luxury of experiencing the buzz of city living with units designed with the flexibility for them to live, work and entertain at home.

With the Ophir-Rochor Corridor project in the midst of taking off, there are still opportunities to ride on the wave of its transformation into a full-fledged commercial and lifestyle hub. You can own a piece of Beach Road’s growth story at Midtown Bay. Visit for more information.

位于中央商业区边缘的美芝路(Beach Road),向来是办公、旅游、休闲和艺术文化的首选地区,像白沙浮商业城(Bugis Junction)和国家图书馆都是主要城市地标。沿着美芝路向商业区驶去,城市天际线更勾勒出新加坡最为重要的发展与变化。




数十年来,美芝路、梧槽路和奥菲亚路所组成地区,对新加坡人拥有特殊意义。因为这个被称为“奥菲亚-梧槽走廊”(Ophir-Rochor Corridor),包含了许多丰富多彩的文化遗产和知名地标,如甘榜格南(Kampong Glam)的个性小店,以财富之泉闻名的新达城购物中心、以及充满时代记忆的百胜楼等。

最近几年,中央商业区这一部分开始酝酿改造转型。双景坊 (DUO)和风华南岸(South Beach)等新建筑完成,吸引面簿(Facebook)和万事达(Mastercard)等跨国企业租户,伴随而来还有许多外籍专才,而JW万豪酒店(JW Marriott)和安达仕酒店(Andaz)的开业也引来大批商务旅客,带动零售业和夜生活场所更具活力。



今年较早前,42年历史的邵氏大厦(Shaw Tower)将重建为一幢35层高的甲级办公楼和零售大楼。甲级办公楼属于办公楼项目中的最高级别,一般具有更灵活布局和宽敞楼面。





国浩时代城处于尼诰大道(Nicoll Highway)和兴建中的南北高速公路等主要道路的交汇点,附近有四条地铁线路(东西、市区,南北和环线),拥有成为整个市政区枢纽和活动中心的优越条件。



这些年来,国浩房地产已成为新加坡首屈一指的发展商,尤其在开发城市综合体方面具有丰富经验,它所发展的首个综合发展项目“国浩大厦”(Guoco Tower),把丹戎巴葛区重新定位作为优质办公地点和休闲目的地。今天国浩大厦是科技,媒体与资讯通信、金融等不同领域租户的首选办公楼。它的场所营造(placemaking)活动如健身课程,让大厦成了生活气场,也让整个社区更富有活力。



它将利用位于奥菲亚-梧槽走廊的地点优势,设立大型公共空间“时代城广场”(Midtown Square)和“时代城市集”(Market Place),举办周末市集、节庆和文化表演和户外用餐等各类热闹活动如


国浩时代城的办公租户和豪华公寓“滨海名汇”(Midtown Bay)住户将拥有直接进入时代城中心(Midtown Hub)的特别待遇。时代城中心位于项目的中心点,是独有的城市社交俱乐部,拥有8万平方英尺如酒店般的设施,从40米长的游泳池,跑步道到空中花园,这些设施旨在把时代城工作和生活的人们聚集起来。