ST - Seletar Mall along Sengkang West Avenue-min
Seletar Mall is one of the many new arrivals that are transforming Fernvale. Photo: ST

Why Fernvale is one of the hottest new towns in the North-East of Singapore.

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April 4, 2016

Exciting new changes are brewing in Fernvale, a new town situated between Jalan Kayu and Sengkang that’s slated to become the next big thing in Singapore’s rapidly developing North-East region. Though Fernvale may be new, its developments will provide residents with conveniences and amenities that might just pit it against its mature counterparts.

Hailed as the rising star of the North-East, Fernvale is set to transform from into a booming new town thanks to the abundance of developments slated for the area. Here are 11 of the biggest changes to look out for in Fernvale:

Sengkang General Hospital and Community Hospital

Currently, the nearest general hospitals to Fernvale providing full integrated care are Changi General Hospital and Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Both are around a 15 km or a 20-min drive away, but come 2018, this is going to change.

The upcoming Sengkang General Hospital and Community Hospital are slated to open right next to Cheng Lim LRT. The Sengkang General Hospital will be an integrated healthcare facility designed to serve residents in the Northeast region and Fernvale residents can benefit from its proximity – it will be just 3 LRT stops away.

In just a few years, as Sengkang becomes a self-sufficient town, Fernvale residents will find that job opportunities, nature spaces, shopping and dining options and amenities will all be conveniently located within a 3 km radius from Fernvale. Upgrading in road works will also make commuting to and from Fernvale much easier and faster.

A computer simulator at the Rolls-Royce campus at the Seletar Aerospace Park. Photo: ST

Seletar Aerospace Park

Fernvale residents can look forward to job opportunities close to home thanks to the booming new business hub, Seletar Aerospace Park.

Currently in its first phase of operations, Seletar Aerospace Park is already home to several MNCs and reputed companies such as Rolls Royce and ST Aerospace, with more companies to follow. It will go through additional phases of expansion, and is expected to generate an impressive 10,000 jobs for highly-skilled personnel once it is completed.

But Seletar Aerospace Park is not your standard industrial park – it will soon also become a vibrant lifestyle hub with a slew of upcoming restaurants, bars, cafes and recreation facilities. These include hipster bicycle-themed cafe Wheeler’s Estate, modern European bistro Young’s Western Restaurant, Teochew restaurant Di Wei, an airplane-themed food court, a playground, open spaces for picnics, and even a multi-purpose sports court.

Sengkang West Industrial Park

Set to provide residents with even more employment and business opportunities is the upcoming Sengkang West Industrial Park. Though still in its early stages of development, it is also set to be a real boon for the area. Just think of all you can do with the time you save with such a short commute!

Seletar Mall

Launched in November 2014, the new Seletar Mall located near Fernvale LRT station offers residents retail and dining options, as well as family-friendly facilities. Apart from housing NTUC FairPrice Finest, BHG department store and a Shaw cinema outlet, the shopping mall is also a food lover’s paradise with outlets of crowd pleasing chain restaurants like Din Tai Fung, Song Fa Bak Kut Teh and Nene Chicken.

While mature estates have amenities like hair and nail salons, clinics and bakeries under their HDB blocks, here you get to run all your daily errands in the air-conditioned comfort of a new shopping mall. These are supplemented by an array of retail stores ranging from fashion to sporting goods to electronics.

Another key characteristic of Seletar Mall is its focus on young families. You can find plenty of kids’ enrichment centres, nursing rooms and a rooftop playground catering for children to learn and have fun. That makes it an easy option family days out – you can run errands, send the kids to classes, pick up books and stationery, and have dinner all under the same roof.

BH Jalan Kayu-min
Patrons enjoying a meal at Le Steak restaurant at Jalan Kayu. Photo: BH

Jalan Kayu

Famous for its roti prata, the charming, shophouse-lined Jalan Kayu will soon have a new face. In the coming years, this beloved foodie hangout will undergo improvement on aspects like accessibility and parking spaces, all while preserving its character (and good food).

Fernvale Street

Best of all for residents at Fernvale, Jalan Kayu’s prata shops, restaurants and bars will just be a short walk away, thanks to its upcoming extension of Fernvale Street. The extension will link Fernvale directly with the bustling hangout, making it an easy stroll from Thanggam LRT station.

Sengkang West Way

Apart from the extension of Fernvale Street, residents who drive will be delighted to find multiple improvements in the pipeline that will make travel to and from Fernvale easy and convenient.

Drivers familiar with the area will know that Jalan Kayu used to be the only way for Fernvale residents to connect to the Tampines Expressway (TPE), which causes much traffic congestion in the single-lane street. However, new developments are making access to TPE easier. The new three-lane Sengkang West Road, launched last year, provides a wide and direct connection to TPE. Sengkang West Way will also be extended to join Sengkang West Road in 2016, giving drivers more options.

Seletar Aerospace Flyover and Way

Additionally, new roads such as Seletar Aerospace Flyover and Seletar Aerospace Way will allow motorists to access TPE from Yio Chu Kang Road directly. These convenient road infrastructure improvements have been introduced ahead of expected growth in traffic as a result of the new industrial hubs in the area, which brings us to our next point.

ST Sengkang LRT-min
One of the new two-car trains on Sengkang LRT. Photo: ST

Sengkang LRT

Those who commute by train are not forgotten either. In January 2016, the Land Transport Authority launched a two-car system for the Sengkang LRT line to double its capacity. This upgrade will be especially beneficial during peak hours, where the two-car LRT trains run at a frequency of 3 to 4 minutes, allowing more commuters to board. Travelling to and from Fernvale is now even more comfortable than ever.

Zaobao - North Eastern Riverine Loop-min
Residents exercising along the North Eastern Riverine Loop. Photo: Wanbao

Round Island Route

Nature lovers living in Fernvale already have easy access to the North Eastern Riverine Loop, one of the most beautiful park loops in Singapore, flanked by greenery and beautiful waterways. The teeming wildlife offers educational fun as well – sighting and identifying uncommon waterside fishing birds near the rivers can be a fun challenge for adults and children alike.

In addition, the soon-to-be-built Round Island Route will pass through Seletar, next to Fernvale. Long-distance cyclists or runners can access Sengkang Riverside Park and Punggol Promenade via the 150 km long “recreational corridor”. If they may so desire, they can even cycle to other parts of Singapore.

With these lush green spaces just nearby, Fernvale residents will have no lack of outdoor activities and nature trails just within reach.

High Park Residences

High Park Residences

Fernvale’s skyline is set to change for the better once the upscale High Park Residences is completed in 2020. Located between Lorong Tanggam, Sengkang West Way and Fernvale Road, the stunning residential development sits atop a gentle hill, such that its ground floor units are elevated up to 14m above street level. This unique location makes it one of the highest hilltop developments around as it overlooks Fernvale.

High Park Residences is also set to be a design icon in its own right. Its distinctive architecture incorporates landscaped levels and themed accent communal blocks among its six main residential towers. Tying it all together are not one, but three distinct architectural façade concepts, which promise to make the development an instantly recognisable Fernvale landmark for years to come.