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April 11, 2016

Singaporeans are no strangers to such a fast-paced lifestyle, with many of them juggling the pressures of work and personal life on a regular basis. Rushing to and from office, meeting deadlines, finishing work backlog, shopping for groceries, finishing household chores, taking care of the kids and then prepping themselves for the next day is just part of the busy schedule for most of us.

It’s at such times that most of us wish to get just a few hours of precious time to unwind in the cool and soothing ambience of a good spa, where the body can relieve the day’s stress and the mind can reach a new level of calm.

Going to a spa each day can be time-consuming, expensive and out of the way for many of us. But, what if the spas were right near your doorstep? For residents of Parc Life Executive Condominium, this dream will be a reality.

Eight spas with a variety of concepts and attractive features will cater to not just the moods and needs of the residents, but also their physical and emotional well-being, helping them relax at the end of each day and get a good night’s sleep, so that they are ready to face the next morning with renewed vigour and vitality.

Here’s a look at the range of choices available for leisure in a healthy and relaxing way.

‘Lantern’ Pavilion Spa

Think: Infinity Pool atop Marina Bay Sands!

A must-do on the list – the Lantern Spa has a circular pool which overlooks the nearby green haven of Canberra Park. Residents can enjoy a cool dip in the clear, blue waters of the pool on a hot day or spend a relaxing, laughter-filled evening with family and friends at this spa – a perfect way to unwind and spend quality time with loved ones while being surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Hydrotherapy Spa

Health benefits of hydrotherapy – where water is used as a means of treatment – have been well known for centuries. Keeping this in mind, Parc Life offers the Hydrotherapy Spa, a uniquely designed pool fitted with massage jets, to provide a perfectly natural yet rejuvenating therapy for residents just by using the healing powers of water. Residents, tired after a long day, can slip into the spa which is a great way of getting relief from common aches and pains after a hard day’s work as well as ensure a good night’s sleep.

Rain Spa

Who doesn’t like the sound of rain? What about the feel of gentle raindrops on the skin? The Rain Spa combines both these relaxing activities to form a perfect therapy.  At this pavilion, residents can take advantage of stimulated raindrops falling gently on the skin, relaxing the body while massaging it with soft pricking sensation, and calming the mind with a soothing pitter-patter sound of the falling droplets.

Friends Spa

There are times when people prefer solitude. But, at other times, one wants to spend the weekends roaring with fun in the company of friends and loved ones. For such moods and occasions, there is the Friends Spa, part of an outdoor dining pavilion with BBQ facilities. Residents can use this great scenic venue to hold pool parties with their friends like birthdays, anniversaries or events to celebrate life’s joys and successes. At other times, they can simply catch up with those that really matter by having a cosy little gathering, have heart-to-heart conversations and share a few laughs.

Steam Spa

There’s nothing like a hot steam room to get rid of fatigue and detoxify the body at the same time. The Steam Spa at Parc Life will do just that. Aptly surrounded by greenery, the spa’s steam room will provide an outlet for those accumulated toxins. Steam rooms usually generate warm air that opens up body pores and release sweat and when used moderately, can aid in cleansing of the body, increase metabolism and blood circulation as well as give a pink, healthy glow to the skin. The moist heat that makes one sweat can lead to weight loss. Residents can benefit in more ways than one in the steam spa.

Cozy Garden Spa

Couples yearning for a cosy and intimate outdoor setting or families wanting an undisturbed time of togetherness can rely on the Cozy Garden Spa. Set in a tropical garden, this spa is perfect for couples or small families wanting to spend some lazy moments together doing nothing more than exchanging personal tales, sharing laughs and generally enjoying each others’ company. They are sure to go home with many beautiful memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

Play Spa

It’s not all about grown-ups at Parc Life. Kids can have their own little kingdom of fun and relaxation too. Play Spa is part of the shallow, wading pool, with soft jet sprays and other water games for kids who can have their own set of fun-filled water activities in the safest possible way.

Kids Bubble Spa

In addition to the Play Spa, children will also have their own hydrotherapy at a special spa for kids. The Kids Bubble Spa has been designed especially for children, with air bubbles to tickle their delicate skin for some extra fun.

parc life 2 spa 2

At Parc Life, residents will get these high-end facilities with ease and at their own convenient time. Designed by Frasers Centrepoint Limited, it is part of their motto to build homes that not just offer a luxurious lifestyle but also a suitable and conducive space for overall comfort.

Be it working professionals looking for a good muscle-relaxing massage after long hard hours of work, or house-makers looking for a quiet ‘me-time’ between mounting chores, couples looking to steal a few special moments together, or children wanting to enjoy in a fun-filled space made specially for them, Parc Life has it all.

Parc Life EC, located at Sembawang Crescent, is situated right at the door step of Canberra Park, which is in turn a gateway leading to other parks. At Parc Life, everyone deserves two parks. E-application opens from 16th – 24th April 2016. For more information, please visit www.parclife.sg or call 6481 0070. Brought to you by Frasers Centrepoint Limited.