5 reasons why your phone’s display is so important


SPH Content Studio
May 25, 2015

If you’re reaching for your phone the moment you wake up and texting or browsing through your social media feeds regularly during the day and late into the night, then you’re definitely spending a substantial amount of time on your phone.

Because phones are the go-to for almost everything today, brands are constantly re-thinking and upgrading the displays of phones to serve users better. Screen size, resolution, pixel density – these are major features that affect the ease, efficiency and productivity of daily activities that you carry out via the device.

Read on to find out how exactly your phone’s display affects you and why it’s so important.


1 Read without having to strain your eyes


You do plenty of reading on your phone daily – from reading status updates on your social media feeds, text messages, articles on your browsers, e-books to email messages.

To avoid straining your eyes while reading, it is important that your phone’s screen is not just reasonably big for easy viewing, the brightness level should also be adjusted to an optimal level.

Samsung Galaxy S6 4G+ and Galaxy S6 edge 4G+ for instance, are two devices that are ideal for reading on your screen in any circumstances thanks to its Adaptive Display technology.

With a luminance range from 2cd/m2 to 600 cd/m2, adaptive display analyses the environment and content then automatically provides a customised display to deliver a comfortable viewing experience without straining the eyes. This feature comes in handy too especially when reading in the dark or under bright sunlight.


2 Get immersive viewing experience when watching videos


It’s a bummer if you’re a mobile-movie junkie but your smartphone’s screen resolution is not even Full HD compatible.

To experience stunning cinematics on your smartphone, the screen display should at least be 1080p which is the standard full high-definition screen resolution measuring 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels.

However, if you’re looking for more than a Full HD experience when watching your favourite blockbuster, a SUPER AMOLED display might just do the trick.

Samsung’s latest smartphones – Galaxy S6 4G+ and Galaxy S6 edge 4G+, are both fitted with a Quad HD SUPER AMOLED display that boast a 2560 x 1440 display resolution, which is 4 times higher than the standard HD 720p resolution.

With their wide screen 1440p display, 16:9 aspect ratio, and a super high pixel density of 577ppi, you will have an immersive viewing experience while watching movies on the go – especially so with the slimmer bezel and curved display of the Galaxy S6 edge 4G+.

The SUPER AMOLED display also has higher energy efficiency which means there’s a high possibility that you’ll have sufficient power to last you through one full movie!


3 Make photos pop


We all take photos of memories we want to keep.

So it is important that these memories are sharp, clear and vibrant instead of fuzzy. Every time you revisit these memories on your phone, they should be able to reignite the emotions felt when the pictures were taken.

The SUPER AMOLED display, Samsung’s proprietary technology, is said to be able to deliver richer, deeper colour contrast and more details compared to conventional LCDs. With a wide colour spectrum that has more than 90 pr cent Adobe® colour reproduction rate*, images are clearer and more detailed in their true colours.

So it’s highly possible that your mouth will still water at the photo of a two-tier earl grey chocolate éclair stand taken months back on your Samsung device!


4 Do online tasks with ease


It is quite common now to use smartphones for numerous tasks, including online shopping.

Viewing text and images when online shopping, and entering detailed personal data when checking out your items both require a superior phone display. Imagine not being able to zoom in on your screen, use a stylus to enter details into the smallest of boxes, or virtually flip through tens and hundreds of pages of clothes and bags on sale.

With an excellent phone display, you can view clear and sharp photos, and say goodbye to ordering wrong items in inaccurate colours or misreading information.

Shopping while on the go? Not to worry as both the Galaxy S6 4G+ and Galaxy S6 edge 4G+ display are protected by tough and durable Corning Gorilla® Glass® 4 ensuring your display screen has high resistance against scratches when you conveniently throw your phone into your bag along with your keys.


5 Enjoy the graphic-intensive fun of advanced games


Remember Snake and Snake II? Back then, these games were everything even though it was just a line moving round and round the screen.

Today, we have graphic-intensive games like WWE Immortals, Game of Thrones, Star Wars and so much more where you can unleash your talents on mobile.

Customisable characters, complicated console movements, amazingly detailed environments, realistic lighting effects and more were made possible due to the great features packed into a phone display.

Because the SUPER AMOLED display consists of self-emitting diodes, it allows for faster in-display reaction speed while playing games – or even while watching movies! – so you’ll always have the best view of your gameplay.

This advanced display also provides a clear view from all angles, without creating discomfort for your eyes. This means you can hold your phone in a position you’re most comfortable in and you and whoever watches your game play will be able to do so comfortably too without any loss of image quality!

* More than 90 per cent of Adobe® RGB colour coverage.

Adobe is either a registered trademark or trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. Corning and Gorilla are registered trademarks of Corning Incorporated.