By SPH Content Studio
Feb 23, 2015

It’s not easy to plan a career when the needs of the job market across diverse industries are ever-changing.

Just as the world is quickly and constantly evolving, careers are also moving at the same pace. While some jobs are getting phased out, technology and peoples’ needs are, in turn, creating new jobs.

If you’re just about to join the workforce or are thinking of ways to making a smooth transition, find out what careers you may want to look into. After all, part of future-proofing yourself is being aware of what’s going on in the industry you’re interested in and being able to spot trends.

Another important way to do so is by finding a career that serves your interests and abilities, and finding programmes that emphasise applied learning such as those offered by the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).

Doing so will help you build skills that go beyond a regular classroom education. An education in applied learning allows one to acquire job-specific skills which can differentiate you from others in the competitive job market – applied skills are the skill sets which make you ‘work ready’.

With these in mind, take a look at these 11 jobs that are good bets to be hot in the next five years and beyond.

Building Services Engineer


Were you the kid who always loved playing with building blocks or Lego bricks? If creating miniature developments and wanting to know how things work appeals to you, becoming a Building Services Engineer could be right up your alley.You will deal with a wide range of interesting things to do every day, from planning a building’s efficient management of energy, ventilation, air-conditioning to using modelling, design and visualisation to solve engineering problems.

You will also have a keen interest in designing, developing and managing the new technologies that help to reduce carbon emissions of a building.

Why this will be hot: Singapore’s second Green Building Masterplan launched in 2009 has set the target that by the year 2030, 80 per cent of buildings in Singapore will have to be Green Mark-certified. Employment trends and government statistics indicate the need for Building Services Engineers who can focus on green buildings, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC).

Course match: Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Building Services), MEngTech and BEng (Hons), Singapore Institute of Technology

Railway Engineer

Just look around in Singapore and it is undeniable how much resources are being poured into maintaining, expanding, and improving the current rail network. With all of this going on, Railway Engineers will definitely be in great demand.

In terms of skills, Railway Engineers have an edge because of the multi-disciplinary nature of their field. They will also be trained in other engineering disciplines like civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial engineering.

Why this will be hot: Even now, various land transport organisations such as LTA, SMRT, SBS, SembCorp Industries and Keppel Group are investing in and grooming future engineers through programmes like the Singapore Institute of Technology’s eight- to 12-month Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP). SIT’s unique student work placement scheme provides undergraduates opportunities to integrate knowledge and skills gained in the classroom with real-world practice.

With transport a key initiative in Singapore, this career will only keep soaring in demand.

Course match: Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Land), MEngTech and BEng (Hons), Singapore Institute of Technology

Electromechanical Engineer


If you have a keen sense of understanding complex systems and are interested in the design, development, implementation, and life-cycle management of these interconnected systems, a career as an Electromechanical Engineer may be the right fit.

Being an Electromechanical Engineer, you will design, produce, test and operate computer-controlled mechanical systems.

Programmes like SIT’s Systems Engineering (ElectroMechanical Systems) (SEEMS) programme, which is a joint degree programme with DigiPen Institute of Technology , will help students to understand the larger context of hardware and software engineering.

Why this will be hot: With increasing globalisation and technological developments, engineers who have knowledge and skills in both component- and system-level knowledge will see demand for them rise exponentially. There is a wide berth for career opportunities in industries such as transport, marine, defence and precision engineering.

Course match: Systems Engineering (ElectroMechanical Systems) (SEEMS), BEng (Hons), Singapore Institute of Technology – DigiPen Institute of Technology

Research Associate (Drug Discovery or Process Development)


If you’re interested in the health sciences and have an interest in discovering healthcare solutions, you can aim to be a research associate in the field of drug discovery or process development.

With this career, you will be involved in the research, development, pharmaceutical product design and even in aspects such as process development, operations, validation, and regulation.

Why this will be hot: With an ageing population, as well as new strains of viruses and diseases being discovered constantly, it is up to scientists and researchers to get ahead of the game. Knowledge and skills that range across the whole spectrum of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing will continue to be in demand across time.

Course match: Pharmaceutical Engineering, BEng (Hons), Singapore Institute of Technology

Manufacturing Biotechnologist


Meanwhile, if you prefer to be more hands-on and involved, you may want to aim to be a manufacturing biotechnologist. With this job, you will develop new products like pharmaceuticals by manipulating or modifying living organisms. This seems like the perfect career path for the inquisitive kid who’s always wanted to poke and prod any and all living things to understand what makes them tick.

Why this will be hot: Similar to the pharmaceutical research associate, a manufacturing biotechnologist will continue to be popular as mankind tries to figure out how to solve problems and develop cures for emerging diseases and existing health puzzles.

Course match: Pharmaceutical Engineering, BEng (Hons), Singapore Institute of Technology

Cyber Security Specialist


We live in a world where protecting data bytes are as important as protecting one’s physical home and office.

Those who are interested in fighting crime and who have an affinity for computer programming can choose to be cyber white hats and keep networks secure from online attacks and threats. So not only will they determine what kind of security a company needs, they will also develop and implement a system that meets those needs. These include building firewalls, monitoring networks for security breaches, and malware analysis and defence.

Why this will be hot: With more valuable information stored online, there will be even greater need for Cyber Security Specialists to ensure that all these data in the network are kept secure.

Course match: Information and Communications Technology (Information Security), BEng (Hons), Singapore Institute of Technology

Software Engineer


If there was ever any job that cuts across sectors and industries, the job of a Software Engineer would be one of them.

Delve into software development, mobile computing, cloud architecture solutions and more in order to simplify work processes and automate tasks. This can range from simple applications to behemoth systems that can benefit a company’s entire workflow.

Why this will be hot: With applications for Infocomm Technology (ICT) needed practically anywhere, good software engineers who can design, develop, and manage software for companies will be in great demand.

Course match: Information and Communications Technology (Software Engineering), BEng (Hons), Singapore Institute of Technology

Accountant (Management consulting/Bank)


If you’ve got a good head for numbers and analysis, aim for a career as an accountant, specialising in management consulting.

With this job, you can analyse organisational problems and subsequently develop plans to solve these issues. As an accountant with this specialty, you can better analyse a company’s cash flow position and recommend viable solutions based on your understanding of the fundamentals of business.

Why this will be hot: As business needs become more complex, a consultant with an accounting background can bridge the gap in providing financial management, particularly for smaller companies who may not have the budget for a full-time chief financial officer (CFO).

Course match: Accountancy, B (Hons), Singapore Institute of Technology

Financial/Business Analyst

Do you have the ability to look at the big picture and use this to help you make decisions? Being a financial analyst, you will have to guide a company in making business decisions based on micro- and macroeconomic conditions. They will then prepare financial models to predict future economic conditions.

Why this will be hot: With businesses growing and becoming increasingly global, a trained financial analyst who can analyse and recommend business decisions based on factors like stocks, securities and equities will play a big role in ensuring a company’s success.

Course match: Accountancy, B (Hons), Singapore Institute of Technology

Hotel Operations Executive

Tourism in Singapore is a growing industry and it shows no signs of slowing down. Hotels and the tourism industry will benefit from an executive who not only has strong relevant operational skills but also a solid background in theoretical knowledge, which will be gained by those who take SIT’s Hospitality Business programme – the first and only one of its kind offered by one of the five autonomous universities of Singapore.

As a hotel operations executive, you will handle the day-to-day management of the hotel and its activities while tasked with the commercial accountability of the business.

Why this will be hot: As more tourism dollars come in, hotels will need to count on someone who can go beyond just providing great service, and who is able to have a good grasp of managerial issues and identify innovative solutions.

Course match: Hospitality Business, B (Hons), Singapore Institute of Technology

Hotel Real Estate and Investment Manager


If you are interested in being in the hospitality industry but want to go beyond the operations of a hotel and such organisations, you may want to consider being a hotel real estate and investment manager.

You will then be involved in the financial and operational aspects of a hotel in order to deal with such things as equity financing, exit strategies, and other deals to achieve business goals that will benefit all of the hotel’s stakeholders.

Why this will be hot: Graduates equipped with critical thinking skills who can make important business decisions and create strategies will be an integral part of the burgeoning hospitality scene.

Course match: Hospitality Business, B (Hons), Singapore Institute of Technology