5 factors to consider when looking for the ideal family home

5 factors that make a family home

How to get the most out of your space when you have a growing family.

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April 18, 2016

Finding the ideal space for a growing family in Singapore – where space is often a luxury – isn’t easy.  Not only do you need to consider a host of factors like proximity to schools, ease of transportation and nearby amenities, you also need to ensure that the unit layout will be able to meet the changing needs of your family.

“When planning for a space for a growing family, a standard linear approach may not suffice,” says  Christina Yap, director of Surface ID Studio, the interior design firm behind The Visionaire EC’s show units. “The ideal unit should yield potential to opening up a flexible living space to see to the constantly evolving changes of a household.”

Here are five factors to consider when selecting your family’s new home:

1. A space-efficient layout

In general, the ideal unit layout for a growing family should have wide, regular spaces – just like the The Visionaire’s 3-bedroom (Type C6) show unit – says Ms Yap. If you have irregular or odd-shaped layouts, this restricts the placement of furniture, and you end up having wasted space that you are not able to do much.

“Owners may end up having to customise a lot of their furniture to fit in the odd corners. Having built-in furniture restricts the flexibility of transforming a space in the future to suit the changing needs of a growing family,” she adds.

Rooms at the Type C6 units at The Visionaire are designed according to this principle – they are wide enough to fit either a king size bed and two side tables (for master bedrooms) or a queen size bed and a side table (for common bedrooms).


2. Adequate communal space

It goes without saying that you’ll want to look for plenty of communal space for the whole family. The Visionaire’s Type C6 and Type CS3b CoSpace units, which you can preview at their Wellington Circle show unit, both have wide spacious living rooms which are conducive for family bonding.

With a width of at least 5m, the latter’s living space can be be used in a flexible manner – there’s space for extra cabinets, an entertainment zone or even a piano corner.


3. Spatial customisability

Having an appropriately designed space can add value to living efficiently, particularly if the unit’s layout is flexible and adaptable to configure or create a room or space needed effortlessly without major hacking and dismantling works.

This is precisely what developer Qingjian aims to do by offering CoSpace™ units at The Visionaire. In a 3-bedroom CoSpace™ unit (Type CS3b) for instance, the study and storeroom can be combined to form an additional fourth bedroom – a valuable asset if you’re thinking of expanding the family or hiring a domestic helper. Such possibilities let you cater to the needs of the family at different stages.

Alternatively, you can convert the extra room into a mini movie theatre, a karaoke room or a home office. The possibilities are endless!

4. Non-structural walls

If you want the option of changing the layout after the unit’s been built, do look out for the presence of non-structural walls. The walls in each unit can be differentiated into structural (load bearing) and non-structural (non-load bearing) walls, with the former used not just to divide rooms but also to shoulder the structural weight of a building, while the latter is used purely to partition a flat.

Thus non-structural walls can be knocked down without compromising the structural integrity of a building, allowing you to make changes to the unit that best fit your family’s lifestyle. Similarly, non-structural walls can be added to the unit to serve as dividing walls to create or re-configure new rooms, suggests Ms Yap.


5. Functional utility spaces

Apartments in Singapore are typically marketed based on floor size and number of bedrooms, but don’t overlook utility spaces like storerooms and yards as they are particularly important for growing families.

At The Visionaire, a 3-bedroom (Type C6) unit stands at only 95sqm, yet come complete with a storeroom, water closet (WC) and a yard. These functional spaces are important for the whole family and should not be compromised. Imagine having to fight for limited bathrooms in the morning, or not having a proper yard in which to dry the entire family’s laundry!

Smart use of space

Other than a good unit layout, incorporating smart innovations will allow you to more efficiently plan for the use of your space and make it multi-functional.

For example, Qingjian Realty has incorporated a pullout tray into The Visionaire’s show kitchen for rice cookers or electric kettles. This tray can be slid out when the electronic appliances are in use by the family, so that the laminate of the cabinet is not damaged by steam. Once you are done, it can be kept easily.

The show units also feature interesting design features that perform double duties. The distribution (DB) box is housed in a tall cabinet that also doubles up as a shoe cabinet, complete with in-built shelves for organising footwear. Both master bathroom and common bathroom come with a shower ledge, which can either be used as a toiletries shelf or as a ledge for scrubbing one’s feet. Besides, it also comes with medicine cabinets to store small items.

By selecting a well-designed unit that incorporates the right innovations that allow you to better utilise your space, your new home will see you and your family through the years and through their evolving needs.

Want to find out more? Visit The Visionaire’s show unit at Wellington Circle to experience smart design for yourself.

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