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How to feel like you’re on vacation without even leaving the home.

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April 4, 2016

Singaporeans are always looking forward to flying off to the next exciting holiday. But you don’t necessarily have to go skiing in Hokkaido or scuba diving in the Maldives just to feel like you’re on vacation. In fact, there are many ways to relax and indulge without even leaving the home. Here are five ways you can make every day feel like a holiday.

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While it’s not feasible to actually live on a resort island or in a designer hotel, you can surround yourself with nature and beauty on a daily basis.

Designed by an award-winning landscape architecture firm, The Visionaire’s gorgeous landscape is a green sanctuary. Two-thirds of the site is covered in blooming flowers, lush greenery, walking trails, rest pavilions, flowing pools and water features, and recreation facilities, all inspired by calming natural elements such as rolling pebbles.

Whether you take your evening stroll at the Tropical Forest trail, chill out at the Hammock Green, or soak up the sun in the Amazon Lazy Pool, coming home to all this will melt all the stresses of the day away.

For added pampering, there are plenty of spa facilities like the Bubble Fountain, jet pool, massage seats and pavilions, and steam rooms that allow for total relaxation. With beautiful surroundings for you to retreat into, living here makes everyday feel indulgent.

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Making some simple lifestyle swaps can make even a stay-home weekend feel like an escape from your daily routine – which is, after all, what many of us look for in a holiday. The Visionaire’s 60 facilities will allow you to level up your lifestyle in new, luxurious ways.

Rather than slaving over dinner at home, why not invite friends over for a cookout? At The Visionaire, you won’t be limited to basic barbeques – think grilling meats at the Teppanyaki Bar and cooking pizza at the Pizzeria Pavilion instead. If you’re throwing a party, you can hire a private chef to whip up a sumptuous feast rather than having food catered at The Visionaire’s private dining room.

Meanwhile, workout buffs can vary their routine with aquafitness exercises at the Hydro Gym in addition to usual gym sessions at the clubhouse. Runners can get off the treadmill and explore the beautifully landscaped Serenity Jogging Trail or the Bamboo Trail. And if you love getting a tan on, you can relax in themed spaces like the Rainforest Pool Deck or the Amazon Island Deck.

Residents will also be entitled to a year of free lifestyle classes, ranging from music to sports to cooking classes – so there’s no excuse not to try something new.

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One of the best things about holidaying is the chance to get away from the many things that clamour for your attention every day. But you don’t have to jet away at the slightest bit of stress. Simply meditating at home can help achieve some of the restorative effects of a yoga retreat in Bali.

At The Visionaire, you can take a walk through the serene Bamboo Trail, observe your thoughts at the Meditation Lawn, or enjoy a water massage at the Cascading Waterfall. Practitioners can indulge in their interests at the Taichi Lawn and Yoga Lawn. The warm wood panelling and tranquil greenery will soothe away the stresses of everyday life.

More importantly, these facilities allow you a little retreat from workplace stress and household chores. The disconnection from our usual routines and gadgets creates a “mental downtime,” which is what gives you that refreshed feeling after a holiday.

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Forming meaningful relationships with your neighbours can be as rewarding as meeting interesting people on your travels. Instead of coming home and shutting the door behind you, why not get to know the people who are living in the same community?

If you’re too shy to strike up conversations with your neighbours, The Visionaire’s HiLife app can break the ice. This community app helps you make the most out of the shared facilities and connects you with like-minded fellow residents.  For instance, dance enthusiasts can come together and hire an instructor, children can play with peers at swimming classes, and parents can share recommended tutors in the area.

Not only is this great for finding recreation buddies (you’ll have no trouble getting a tennis or golf partner) it also fosters a modern kampong vibe, where residents look out for one another and help is never far away. Seeing friendly faces around makes coming home all the more relaxing.

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It’s stressful and tiring to spend your precious time hurrying from one place to another to run errands – which is why upscale hotels and resorts tend to have everything you could possibly need in one place. The Visionaire, too, has provided a full suite of amenities so you hardly have to leave your private sanctuary.

There are not one, but two clubhouses here. The main clubhouse has everything you need for sociable activities, from a dance studio to karaoke room to game room to multi-function room. Meanwhile, the secondary clubhouse, which has a library and study rooms, is conducive to chill-out weekends and study sessions. It’s like having an exclusive country club within reach – there’s no need to go out and stress out over limited study spaces or crowded recreation spots.

A relaxing and fulfilling home life for you and your family is now within reach. You can make it your choice to indulge, have fun, and relax every day – not just when you’re on holiday.