The Visionaire's HiLife app solves your everyday problems with technology.

The Visionaire's HiLife app solves your everyday problems with technology.

The Visionaire's HiLife app solves your everyday problems with technology.

Make life stress-free by taking advantage of technology at your fingertips.

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April 25, 2016

In Singapore, we all lead busy lives, with many work and family commitments. Thus anything that helps us accomplish the tasks on our to-do list with minimal effort is always welcome.

Enter The Visionaire EC’s must-have smartphone app – HiLife. This clever piece of tech is designed to help residents make full use of the EC’s lifestyle facilities and link them up with external products and services.

Here are just some ways that HiLife’s brilliant functions make life so much easier:

Clean up messes without lifting a finger

You’re a proud mum of three – one boy, one girl and one hyperactive Jack Russell terrier – and you couldn’t be happier. Well, actually you could. These adorable little terrors have a penchant for turning the house upside down every other day. But with work and other commitments, who has time to pick up after them constantly? Some days, you simply can’t muster the energy to clean up the mess.

HiLife to the rescue: Cleaning services are among the many services available on the app. You can arrange for the cleaner to come on a regular basis as frequently as you need. Sit back, shut your eyes and relax – and open your eyes to sparkling and spotless home.

The Visionaire's HiLife app lets you clean up messes without lifting a finger

Replace your home appliances easily

You promised your in-laws that you’ll make your famous melt-in-your-mouth sugee biscuits for them this weekend. You managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Phoon Huat to buy ingredients, and now you’re all set to bake up a storm. You turn on your mixer, but instead of rotating like it should, the beater stands still and no amount of shaking and turning the switch on and off will make it work. What do you do?

HiLife to the rescue: No need to rush out to buy a new mixer – just shop for your new appliance through the app. You can choose the item, pay for it and arrange for delivery all in the app.

The Visionaire's HiLife app lets you replace your home appliances easily

De-stress and work out at your convenience

You’ve been working a lot of late nights, preparing for that all-important upcoming conference, and the pressure has really been getting to you. You need an outlet to let it all out – and to shed the weight you’ve been putting on from stress-eating. But where can you find a yoga class that even fits your schedule?

HiLife to the rescue: Don’t forget that you can use the EC’s facilities to practise yoga right at home. HiLife’s sports programme section lets you pick different instructors, classes and timing, so it’s easy to book a class that suits you. Go on, find your zen.

The Visionaire's HiLife app lets you de-stress and work out at your convenience.

Spruce up your living space with a tap

Chinese New Year is coming up, and you are expecting lots of family and friends over at your place. While doing the spring cleaning, you realise that the paint on the walls is starting to peel ever so slightly. Time for a new coat of paint! But your usual contractor has returned to Malaysia for the Chinese New Year break. How now?

HiLife to the rescue: Scroll through HiLife’s extensive list of home services to get direct access to a list of trusted contractors, complete with their fees. All you need to do is decide which one best fits your needs and budget, set a time and date, and leave the professionals to do their job.

The Visionaire's HiLife app lets you spruce up your living space with a tap.

Discover new neighbourhood hangouts

You met a new friend at work who stays in the same neighbourhood and you both agree to meet up for brunch over the weekend. The question is: where should you go that serves decent coffee and has a good brunch menu?

HiLife to the rescue: No Googling needed. With nearby merchants – eateries, retailers, tuition centres and other amenities – available to view on a map in the HiLife app, you can sniff out the best coffee in your area.

The Visionaire's HiLife app helps you discover new neighbourhood hangouts.

Book facilities around the clock

The recent fine weather has put you in the mood for a barbeque and pool party, and you spontaneously decide to throw one this coming weekend. But you’re never home in time to book the barbeque pit, as the management office only opens till 6pm. Is it still possible to organise your get-together at short notice?

HiLife to the rescue: No matter where you are or what time of the day it is, you can book any facility you need through the app. No more marching to the management office and writing cheques, as everything from booking to payment is handled through your smartphone.

The Visionaire's HiLife app lets you book facilities around the clock

Get barbecue supplies delivered right to the pit

Thanks to the HiLife app, you’ve secured the best barbecue pit for your party. But you don’t have time to go grocery shopping, let alone do your own food preparation like marinating the meats and skewering the vegetables. Oh, and you need barbecue essentials like charcoal, tongs and fire starters.

HiLife to the rescue: After you’ve booked the barbecue facilities on the app, it automatically pulls out a barbecue food and supplies ordering screen, perfectly anticipating your needs. Simply select the barbecue package that suits your party’s need, tap on the order button and it will all be delivered to right to your party, without you having to break a sweat.

The Visionaire's HiLife app lets you get barbecue supplies delivered.

With the help of smart apps like HiLife, there are so many ways that technology can save the day. HiLife brings a whole world of activities and services to your fingertips – so you can spend less time on boring chores and more time enjoying life to the fullest with your loved ones.

Find out more about The Visionaire – Singapore’s first EC with smart homes – at its Wellington Circle show unit.

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10:00am to 7:00pm (Daily)

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