What is a smart home and how will it impact your life?

At Qingjian's The Visionaire EC, homes will feature smart devices easily accessed via a smartphone app.
At Qingjian's The Visionaire EC, homes will feature smart devices easily accessed via a smartphone app.

A sneak peek at how residents of Singapore’s new smart homes will benefit from technology.

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April 11, 2016

Many Singaporeans have come across the term “smart home” but are unsure about what exactly is so “smart” about these homes. In fact, smart homes are simply homes equipped with sensors and devices that analyse data and offer feedback to the user or trigger actions.

Here’s a look at just a few of the practical applications of smart technology in Singapore’s first EC (executive condominium) with smart homes, The Visionaire.

Keeping an eye on loved ones

The Visionaire’s smart homes allow residents to monitor loved ones at home, even when they’re miles away. Smart motion sensors around the home can monitor movements, which can be set to trigger the activation of smart IP cameras, which are integrated with a control centre that is easily accessed remotely, via a smartphone.

When triggered, the cameras send a live video feed straight to the home owners’ smartphone, allowing them to check on their little ones or elderly with mobility issues for peace of mind. Pet owners can probably relate to this desire to check back home as well – sometimes we are just curious about the kind of mischief our pets get up to!


Enhanced security

Additionally, residents can get notified when something’s amiss at home while they are not physically present.  Upon detecting intrusion, smart motion sensors will send alert notifications to your smartphone, and, as above, trigger the IP camera to send a live feed of the situation at home.

In the event of a break-in, you can report the incident to the police immediately upon notification, leading to a higher chance of nabbing the criminal on the spot. Smart home systems can help to be your eyes and ears at home, keeping your property and valuables safe.

Remote controlled convenience

Another benefit of smart homes is being able to remotely control your home appliances, bringing you a host of added conveniences.

For instance, smart digital locksets can allow home owners to open or close their doors safely via a touch of an app button, even when they are not home. If a family member forgets to bring his or her keys, you no longer need to rush home to open the door; you may simply unlock the door for them remotely through the app. Authorised deliveries or children coming home from school can be let in remotely as well.

Residents’ home life can undergo exciting lifestyle changes with everything conveniently controlled within one app. For instance, once you’ve settled in to watch a movie, you can control the speakers’ volume and dim the lights – all without interrupting your chill-out zone to fumble for physical remote controls.


Make household chores more pleasant

Smart homes can help to save time on mundane chores by automating appliances, allowing residents to focus on what’s truly important. Imagine being able to control the washing machine to start the laundry while you’re still at work, so that when you return home, the freshly washed load will be ready to hang dry.

It can also make household chores more pleasant. Home owners can switch the air conditioning to be on ahead of time while they’re still out buying groceries for a party – making their time in the kitchen preparing snacks more enjoyable when they get home.

Energy efficiency

The Visionaire’s smart homes also use energy efficiently thanks to the integrated system of smart appliances and devices. Lights can be set to turn on only when motion is detected, meaning that there will be no energy wastage resulting from lights being left turned on in unoccupied rooms. Meanwhile, smart temperature sensors keep utility bills low by adjusting the air conditioning to respond to temperature fluctuations.

These optimization features not only keep the home’s carbon footprint as low as possible – they also shave dollars off the utility bills each month. In other words, smart homes add value to residents’ lives.



Smart home technology also cleverly solves accessibility issues. For instance, a common worry for families with elderly and children is visibility at night. With smart lighting, they do not need to have night lights or fumble in the dark for light switches – the smart lights can sense their movement and switch on automatically.

Controlling the lights, air conditioning, home entertainment system and even the washing machine all with the touch of a finger on your smartphone – all this can become a reality at Singapore’s first EC with smart homes. What’s more, residents can programme the smart home system according to their needs, so the sky is the limit.

Want to find out more? Visit The Visionaire’s show unit at Wellington Circle, where you can experience Qingjian’s vision for smart home living and see smart technology in action.

Address: Wellington Circle (opposite Blk 507B)

10:00am to 7:00pm (Daily)

Contact: 6846 1777

Web: www.thevisionaire.com.sg

Email: enquiries@cnqc.com.sg