Take a peek at the talent and hard work behind The Visionaire’s beautiful landscape.

May 9, 2016

When it comes to residential developments, most property buyers are concerned about location, facilities and interior design, but there is one aspect that should never be neglected – the landscape.

Property developer Qingjian Realty advocates the importance of landscape design in their projects, and that is why the team has put in a lot of effort in The Visionaire’s landscape.

Mr Li Jun, General Manager of Qingjian Realty (South Pacific) Group Pte Ltd explains: “The landscape represents the status of the development – and this status is we bear in mind from the development’s very conception. A good landscape is able to enhance the class of the project and add value to the homeowners. Therefore, we always require a high standard for the landscape design.”

To achieve this feat for The Visionaire, Qingjian selected award-winning landscape Ecoplan Asia to execute the developer’s vision.

“We totally agree with Qingjian on their development principles,” said the firm’s Managing Director, Boonyasiriwat Thanapong. “Last year, we won Best Landscape Architectural Design (Singapore) for Bellewaters – which is also developed by Qingjian – at the South East Asia Property Awards. We hope that we can do better this year and win more awards for The Visionaire.”

Here’s a look at the designer at work.

Conceptualising an iconic landscape

“Singapore is a modern but busy city where people are always stressed over work or family. We want to build an environment for our buyers such that they feel relaxed after coming home,” said Mr Li Jun.

While doing their extensive research, the design team got inspired by New York’s Central Park – a huge green space within one of the world’s busiest cities. Hence, they decided to conceptualise a lush landscape to soften the urban effect of the high-rise residential towers. The desired effect is for buyers to feel like they’re living in a private country club.

At 250m in length, the common area on the site plan is long and runs the length of the premises. The team conceptualised this unique space as a water channel (comprising swimming pools and hydro features) that runs through the centre, akin to the Amazon River which runs through the Amazon basin.

Apart from being soothing to the senses, the water element also serves another purpose. “Water brings fortune in Chinese fengshui,” said Mr Li Jun.

Special care has been put into the accompanying water features, where the turquoise hues of the water are similar to that found in the Amazon River, and volcanic rock has been used to ensure that the water remains crystal clear at all times.

Much thought was also put into the design of the main clubhouse. Since a solid building would look out of place in the middle of a rainforest, it is decorated with transparent glass walls in order to blend into the background. At night, the clubhouse is lit up and looks like a lantern shining brightly in the dark jungle.

The result is an iconic building that the public will instantly recognise as an emblem of the development, whether night or day.

“The millions of people travel by MRT daily will grow to recognise and admire the unique design of the main clubhouse and lush landscape. We hope that buyers will feel proud of their home as well,” said Mr Li Jun.


Resort-like living

One other key to The Visionaire’s landscape design was to let residents feel as if they were stepping into a resort. So the team went out of the way to ensure that residents have wonderful communal experiences right at home.

“We want to create communal spaces for the homeowners to enjoy with their family and friends. For example, as houses are getting smaller nowadays, it is a challenge to find space to accommodate a piano at home. Hence, we have created common facilities to be shared with the community, like a music room with piano, a karaoke room, a game room, and even a private dining room,” said Mr Li Jun.

The EC’s 60 facilities were distributed into six different zones to cater to different needs. For instance, the main clubhouse is a bustling activity zone with exciting facilities, while the second clubhouse and its surrounds remain a quiet oasis of calm.

To recreate the resort feel, the team added unusual features such as the banquet lawn and a garden dining area, perfect for throwing parties. The pool area also comes with extra features to complete the resort experience – a hydro gym, cabana deck, massage seats and a lazy pool.

Adding to the tranquility of the environment are walking trails within the grounds, including a Tropical Forest Trail, Green Wall Trail, Herb Trail and Bamboo Trail. There are also dedicated taichi, meditation and yoga lawns to cater to those pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

All these facilities are purposefully well-spaced from one another to afford residents privacy while they engage in their various activities.

The art of crafting a sanctuary

No effort was spared in creating The Visionaire’s beautiful landscape. It took three months just to conceptualise the theme, and a further 10 months to develop it in collaboration with all involved parties – including architects and engineers – to ensure that the plans are viable, functional and sustainable.

The result is a grand landscape that’s set to become an iconic landmark in the North of Singapore. It goes to show that Qingjian is dedicated anticipating customers’ desires, by always listening, innovating and growing with their customers.